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Saint March 3 : St. Katharine Drexel - a Rich Heiress who Became a Nun and Founded the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament - Patron Saint of Philanthropists, Racial Justice

#BreakingNews Patriarchs and Church Leaders Call for a Ceasefire and Condemn Israel's Attack on Civilians in Gaza as the War's Death Toll Reaches 30,000

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Saint January 3 : St. Anscar a Benedictine and Archbishop Known as the “Apostle of the North” (Scandinavia)

Pope Francis Tells Judges "Discernment is done "on one's knees," imploring the gift of the Holy Spirit" - "in prayer that the light of the Holy Spirit always arrive" at a "just sentence"

Pope Francis Asks Children Pray as "Jesus taught us – the Our Father. Recite it every morning and every evening, in your families..." 1st World's Childrens' Day Message - FULL TEXT