Saint March 21 : St. Nicholas of Flue who had 10 Children and then Became a Hermit - Patron of Difficult Marriages, Large Families, #Swiss Guards, Father of Switzerland

Saint March 20 : St. Maria Josefa of the Heart of Jesus who said “I was born with a religious vocation.”

Saint March 20 : St. Jozef Bilczewski : Archbishop of Lviv of Poland who Tried Protect All Without Distinctions of Race or Religion

Free Christian Movie : St. Patrick - The Irish Legend - #StPatrick - Stars Patrick Bergin

Pope Francis Invites Everyone to Join in Consecration Prayer for Peace and says "I plead with all actors in the international community to truly commit themselves to putting an end to this repugnant war."

Head of the Ukraine Catholic Church says "About 44 churches and other religious buildings were destroyed..." and "...Russian rockets and bombs are falling....on the heads of civilians..."

Pope Francis says "...let us open ourselves to the logic of the Gospel: because, where love and fraternity reign, evil no longer has power!" FULL TEXT + Video