Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Wednesday, August 18, 2021 - Virtual Church

Saint August 18 : St. Helena, Mother of Constantine, who Discovered the Cross of Jesus and Patron of Converts, Divorced with Prayer

RIP Sister Mary and Sister Regina - Pope Francis Sends Telegram of Condolence after 2 Catholic Nuns were Killed in an Attack

Death Toll Rises from Earthquake in Haiti with over 2100 Killed including a Catholic Priest and a Cardinal Injured

RIP Bishop John Hsane Hgyi - Catholic Bishop Dies in Myanmar from COVID

#BreakingNews 4 Catholic Nuns Die from COVID in a Carmelite Convent after 24 Became Infected

Saint August 17 : St. Joan of the Cross - Foundress of the Congregation of St Anne de la Providence - Jeanne Delanoue (1666-1736)

#BreakingNews 4 Catholic Nuns of Mother Teresa's Order and 2 Priests are Stranded in Afghanistan - Please Pray!

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