Saint October 21 : St. Ursula and Companions - who with 11,000 Virgins were Martyred by the Huns for their Faith

Statistics Reveal Growth in Catholics Worldwide to 1.375 Billion People an Increase of 16 Million!

Powerful Prayer for Peace "God of infinite mercy and goodness, with grateful hearts we pray ...for Peace." from St. Pope John Paul II

#BreakingNews 3 Monks Kidnapped from a Benedictine Monastery - Please Pray!

At the Synod Briefing a Syrian Nun spoke of "a moment of very rich exchange" which fuels the tension towards Unity and sharing offered in Prayer

#BreakingNews Israel Airstrike Hits Historic Orthodox Church Compound in Gaza with 18 Christians Reported Killed - Patriarchate of Jerusalem & WCC Condemn the Attack

Quote to SHARE by St Paul of the Cross "Build an oratory within yourself, and there have Jesus on the altar of your heart. Speak to Him often while you are doing your work..."