Holy Mass Online : Saturday, February 19, 2022 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church

Saint February 19 : St. Conrad of Piacenza a Franciscan Confessor, Hermit and Patron of Cure for Hernias

Saint February 18 : St. Simeon of Jerusalem, a Relative of Jesus and Bishop and Martyr of Jerusalem

Pope Francis Sends Condolences and Bishops Ask for Support after Floods Cause Over 100 Deaths and Great Damage in Brazil

#BreakingNews Eucharist Stolen and Desecrated from Tabernacle of Historic Fulda Cathedral - Bishop Holds Prayers for Reparation

Pope Francis Authorizes Decrees Affirming a Miracle of a Capuchin Nun and Brings 5 People Closer to Becoming Saints

Vatican Dicastery Reaffirms Pro-Life Position saying "Medically assisted suicide and euthanasia are not forms of social solidarity or Christian charity..." FULL TEXT

Pope Francis says "Faithfulness to one's own originality is what makes the symphonic richness of the Eastern Churches." FULL TEXT