Saint February 10 : St. Scholastica, Twin Sister of St. Benedict and the Patron of Nuns and Storms - with Novena Prayer

Saint February 9 : Blessed Leopold of Alpandeire a Capuchin who Learned to Transform Manual Work and the Service of the Brothers into Prayer

Saint February 9 : Blessed Maria Theresia Bonzel the Foundress of a Group of Nuns who Pray in Perpetual Adoration

Saint February 9 : Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich an Augustinian Nun who Bore the Wounds of Christ who Recounted her Visions of the Life of Christ

Young Catholic Priest Forgave Murderer Before Dying and Details Emerge About the Man who Killed Fr. Joseph Thanh

Pope Francis says "We must accompany people towards death, but not provoke death or facilitate any form of suicide." FULL TEXT + Video

February is Black History Month - Free Resources, Prayers and #BlackHistory to Share!