Holy Mass Readings and Video : Sunday August 27, 2023 - #Eucharist - in Your Virtual Catholic Church

Saint August 27 : St. Monica, Mother of St. Augustine, who prayed for his Conversion - Patron Saint of Mothers, Alcoholics and Victims of Abuse

WATCH a Free Catholic Movie "The House of Happiness" on the Life of Mother Maria Domenica Mazzarello

Pope Francis says Networking Enables Cooperation like the Disciples "called by Jesus to work together" and Gives 2 Essential Aspects of a Christian Network

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta! Born Today in 1910 a Champion of the Poor - with Novena Prayer

Pope Francis to Youth in Russia says “I wish you, young Russians, the vocation to be artisans of peace amid so many conflicts"

Quote to SHARE by Saint Bernard “One merits more by Devoutly Assisting at a Holy Mass than by...”

Pope Francis Warns of the "sins" of Journalism and says "My hope is that space will be given to the voices of peace" to Journalists FULL TEXT

Holy Mass Readings and Video : Saturday August 26, 2023 - #Eucharist - in Your Virtual Church

Saint August 26 : St. Joan Elizabeth Lucy Bichier Founder of the Sisters of the Cross where the Eucharist is at the Center, Source of Life

Saint August 26 : St. Zephyrinus a Former Pope of Rome who had Little Education

RIP Retired Bishop Hubert Joseph Hart - Death of the former Bishop of Cheyenne, Wyoming who was Accused of Abuse