Saint June 15 : St. Germaine Cousin : Patron of #Abuse Victims, #Disabled , #Ugly, and Abandoned

Pope Francis World Day Poor Message "Each individual Christian and every community is called to be an instrument of God for the liberation and promotion of the poor..." FULL Official Text

Pope Francis "...respond to the current migration situation, the assistance of the entire international community is needed," FULL Official Text + Video

Pope Francis "...way of seeing things, through the eyes of faith, which accepts God’s self-disclosure." to Astronomers FULL Official TEXT + Video

Pope Francis " beautiful it would be if we never insulted others. May the Lord grant us this grace." Homily

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Thurs. June 14,2018 - #Eucharist

Saint June 14 : St. Methodius I of Constantinople : #Patriarch