Saint March 26 : St. Margaret Clitherow : Patron of #Businesswomen, #Converts, Martyrs

#PopeFrancis " this way opening Mary’s present to the whole of Salvation History...Mary is a daughter of the Covenant.” Homily + FULL Mass Video for Annunciation Solemnity

#Novena for the Annunciation of Mary - 9 Months for Impossible Requests - #Miracle Prayer to SHARE

"The Annunciation, therefore, is the revelation of the mystery of the Incarnation at the very beginning of its fulfillment on earth." a Reflection on the Annunciation

#PopeFrancis "...she brings Jesus to all, he who is the love of God made flesh and gives meaning to our lives and saves us from evil.” FULL VIDEO - in Milan

Today's Mass Readings and Video : #Solemnity of the Annunciation - Saturday March 25, 2017

#PopeFrancis "Respect for the dignity of the human person... love of family, respect for life, tolerance, the desire for cooperation and peace" FULL TEXT to Leaders