MEXICO CITY, August 16, 2011 ( - In the wake of the legalization of abortion in Mexico City in 2007, pro-life activists came together to create a memorial to the victims of the deadly procedure, which has since claimed more than 51,000 lives. Unveiled in 2008, the site is ensconced in one of Mexico City’s most prestigious cemeteries, where a mass is offered once a month for an end to the murder of the unborn.

LifeSiteNews visited the site in April and learned the inspiring, and arguably even miraculous, story of its construction. The donor of the land, who wishes to remain anonymous, told LSN that the plot seemed particularly appropriate, because it was adjacent to the children’s section of the Dolores Civil Cemetery. The site had been abandoned as a family burial location and was unused.

The donated Cross and Christ figure and Our Lady of Guadalupe statue

The donor’s dream of a memorial to the victims of abortion at first seemed to be an impossible one, because of the presence of two ancient trees on the site, which government authorities would not permit to be removed. However, to her surprise, one of the trees soon perished in a thunderstorm, and the other died of a disease. With the barriers to construction suddenly removed, two pro-life organizations “Rights of the Unborn” (Derechos del Concebido) and “Union of Wills” (Unión de Voluntades), began to erect the memorial, aided by generous donors.

The site was designed by architect Fernando Ogarrio and constructed by José Delgado, neither of whom charged for their work. An altar was constructed above the plot’s crypt, and a massive figure of the crucified Christ was donated by sculptor Gogy Farías, which was almost exactly the same color as a large metallic cross that had been obtained separately. And the large Christ figure fit the metal cross, whereas the sculptor had no knowledge of the cross having been erected. A beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was placed to the side of the crucifix.

The rear of the plot contains a stone sculpture of the Virgin Mary as the “Mother of the unborn children” that portrays her cradling numerous children in her arms, and a plaque with the prayer, “Jesus protect and save the unborn.” The sculpture, too, was donated, in this case by the Armada Blanca Association, whose apostolate is to pray the rosary with children.

A statue of Mary embracing young babies is included in the sanctuary.

Other plaques, some of which cover the crypt, read, “This sanctuary is a place of prayer and healing where all innocent children, victims of abortion, are honored. In the face of this human tragedy various civil and religious groups decided to erect this Sanctuary, as a place of prayer and encounter with the merciful love of God.”

Another asks God to “take away the veil of deception that Satan has placed into hearts, which presents promiscuity as liberty, and reveal what it in reality is: slavery to sin. Place into the heart of the world a renewed respect for life, from the moment of conception. Amen.”

Text in metal covering crypt

A vertical plaque to the right of the crypt contains a quote from Pope John Paul II: “A nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope.”

Thus far, no unborn children have been buried at the memorial, despite the availability of the crypt. Authorities in Mexico City reportedly will not permit it, citing health regulations. However, the site is prepared to receive such remains if they become available, and may also inter the ashes of cremated fetuses if the opportunity arises.

The sanctuary is open to the public every day from 8 am to 5 pm, and a mass is offered on the eighth day of each month at 12 pm. Several prolife groups pray the rosary regularly at the site.

The address is:

Santuario de los No Nacidos
Panteón Dolores
Constituyentes (s/n)
Colonia 16 de Septiembre
Delegation Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11810
Ciudad de México