Pope Francis says "human life is not a problem, it is a gift" - "the root of pollution and starvation in the world are not children being born, but the choices of those who think only of themselves...consumerism..." FULL TEXT

New U.S. Catholic College Emerges - the 1st Catholic College in South Carolina "Rosary College"

Pope Francis says "Pope Benedict XVI observed that “it is not science that redeems man: man is redeemed by love” to Merrimack College

Cybersecurity Attack on the Largest Catholic Hospital Organization in the USA - Ascension Health

Pope Francis says "Theology is also important because of the epochal our increasingly multi-ethnic...interconnectedness of different peoples, languages and cultural help build a future of peace..." FULL TEXT

Holy Mass Online - Bible Readings and Video : Friday, May 10, 2024 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Catholic Church - B

Saint May 10 : St. Antonius of Florence who Begged Nothing of God but Grace to Avoid Sin - Patron Saint Against Fevers

Saint May 10 : St John of Avila - Priest and Doctor of the Church - who Rejected his Parents' Inheritance to become a Priest!