Saint May 4 : St. Florian the Patron Saint of Firefighters who Refused to Persecute Christians

Franciscan Priest is Stabbed in the Head while Volunteering at a Homeless Shelter - Please Pray for Fr. Ademir Marques

Patriarch Pizzaballa of Jerusalem says “What is happening is an unprecedented tragedy” -“Peace, even at the anthropological level, is not merely social based on the truth of the human person.” at Lateran University Lecture

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Holy Mass Online - Bible Readings and Video : 1st Friday, May 3, 2024 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Catholic Church

Saint May 3 : St. James the Lesser Apostle - Cousin of Jesus who became the 1st Bishop of Jerusalem - Patron Saint of Pharmacists

Saint May 3 : St. Philip Apostle who Baptized the Eunuch then was taken by the Spirit - Patron Saint of Pastry Chefs