Sunday Mass Online : February 1, 2015 : 4th Ord. Time

Saint February 1 : St. Bridgid of Ireland : Patron of Babies; Children whose parents are not married; Fugitives; Ireland; Midwives; Poets

Today's Mass Readings : Saturday January 31, 2015 - Share!

Latest News from #Vatican Information Service and #PopeFrancis

Saint January 31 : St. John Bosco : Patron of: Editors, Publishers, schoolchildren, Young people

New Pampers' Ad goes Viral and is Totally #Pro-Life - SHARE this Amazing Look at Life with over 1 Million Views!

Catholic Quote by St. Therese of Lisieux to SHARE - "Let us go forward in peace..."

Full Text Pope Francis to Orthodox Churches “All Christians are called to work together,"

#PopeFrancis “A Christian has these two parameters, memory and hope..." Homily

Today's Mass Readings : Friday January 30, 2015