Saint June 13 : St. Anthony of Padua : Patron of #Lost , Travellors, and #Sailors

#Breaking Pope Francis in Prayer for victims of Orlando Shooting - OFFICIAL Release by Vatican

#PopeFrancis "Jesus is the physician who heals with the medicine of love" FULL TEXT Holy Mass for Disabled with Video

#BreakingNews 50 Killed at Gay NightClub in Orlando, Florida by Muslim Extremist - Please PRAY

#PopeFrancis "May the Virgin Mary, to whom we now turn in prayer, always accompany us..." Angelus FULL TEXT

Sunday Mass Online : Sun. June 12, 2016 - 11th of Ordinary Time - C

Saint June 12 : St. John of Sahagun : #Hermit : Patron of #Spain - #Espana

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Saturday June 11, 2016

Saint June 11 : Saint Barnabas : Apostle : Patron of #Hailstorms - #Peacemaker

Wow Amazing Electronic Music Video by Catholic #Priest Fr. Rob Galea to SHARE

#PopeFrancis “brave in bringing to others the message of the Lord, (to go on a) ‘mission’” #Homily

Wow Muslim mother supports her Catholic Priest son's Ordination! SHARE #Priest's Amazing True Story!

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Friday June 10, 2016