Saint January 18 : Saint Margaret of Hungary : #Nun and #Mystic

#PopeFrancis “Because I know, that God does not disappoint” #Homily

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Tues. January 17, 2017

Saint January 17 : St. Anthony the Abbot : Patron of #Amputees; Butchers; #Epilepsy; graveyards; #Monks; Pigs; skin diseases;

Saint January 16 : St. Berard of Carbio : Friar Minor : Martyr

#BreakingNews Alex C. Jones Deacon has Died - convert from Pentecostalism - RIP

#PopeFrancis “Never end the day without making peace,” #HolyMass Video + Text

#PopeFrancis "May the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Lamb of God, help us to believe..." #Angelus FULL TEXT + Video

Sunday Mass Online : Sunday January 15, 2017 - #Eucharist

Saint January 15 : St. Ita : Religious : Patron of Ireland

#PopeFrancis "Mother Teresa...was accepting of every human life, whether unborn or abandoned and discarded, and she made her voice heard by the powers of this world" FULL TEXT

#BreakingNews Missing Priest found Killed - RIP Fr. Joaquin of Mexico - Please PRAY