#PopeFrancis "The Spirit of life does not breathe unless we pray; without prayer, the interior prisons..." FULL TEXT Homily + Mass Video - Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul

#Novena to Saint Peter and Saint Paul - Apostles - #Prayers to SHARE

#PopeFrancis when we are reconciled with God, through the Sacrament of Confession, we are liberated from evil at Angelus of Solemnity

Today's Mass Readings and Video : #Solemnity of St. Peter and St. Paul - June 29, 2017 - #Eucharist

#PopeFrancis "Jesus “is walking ahead of you” - Homily at Mass of New Cardinals - FULL TEXT + Video

Saint June 29 : St. Peter : Apostle and 1st Pope : Patron of #Fishermen #Bakers, #Church

Saint June 29 : St. Paul : Apostle : Patron of #Journalists #Evangelists

#PopeFrancis "the certain hope that nothing and no one could separate them from the love of God given to us in Jesus Christ" FULL TEXT - Audience + Video

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Wednesday June 28, 2017 - #Eucharist