Saint October 11 : Saint John XXIII the Pope who Started Vatican Council II and Patron of Christian Unity

Pope Francis Recommends the New Saint's Example "Dear brothers and sisters, may the holiness of Giovanni Battista Scalabrini “infect” us with the desire to be holy..."

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Saint October 10 : St. Francis Borgia, a Jesuit, Great-Grandson of Pope Alexander VI and Patron of Earthquakes and Portugal

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Saint October 9 : St. John Leonardi who formed the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine - Patron of Pharmacists

Saint October 9 : Cardinal John Henry Newman a Convert from Anglicanism and Member of the Oxford Movement

Saint October 9 : St. Denis who Preached after his Head was Removed and Patron of Headaches, Rabies, and Possessed People with Novena Prayer

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