Saint February 18 : St. Fra Angelico the "Angelic Friar" a Dominican and Patron of Artists with Prayer

#BreakingNews US Catholic Bishops' Conference Condemns Leaked FBI Document Profiling Traditional Catholics - FULL TEXT USCCB

Wow a Miracle Boy, Age 5, Rescued from the Earthquake, after 192 Hours, says Person in White Fed him!

#BreakingNews Historic Catholic Church Set on Fire in Violent Arson Attack in Wissen, Germany

Pope Francis says "... I encourage you to pray for priests, and to give thanks to God for the charisms with which they enrich the entire ecclesial family..."

Imprisoned Bishop Rolando Alvarez of Nicaragua is Reported to be in Solitary Confinement in a Cell known as "El Infernillo"

Pope Francis says "...true devotion to the Mother of the Lord is nurtured and grows through listening to and meditating on the Word of God: Mary is the Woman of the Gospel."

Pope Francis' Lent Message "Dear brothers and sisters, may the Holy Spirit inspire and sustain us this Lent in our ascent with Jesus, so that we may experience..." FULL TEXT

Holy Mass Online : Friday, February 17, 2023 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Catholic Church

Saint February 17 : Founders of the Orders of Servites - 7 Youths to whom the Blessed Virgin Appeared

Saint February 16 : Blessed Joseph Allamano the Founder of the Consolata Missionary Priests and Brothers

Catholic Archbishop Wenski, of Miami Offers to House Exiled Priests and Seminarians from Nicaragua in the Seminary

Pope Francis Gives New Ambassador of Turkey Ufuk Ulutaş a Book with a Note of Condolence and Prayer for the People

Newly Released Interview of Pope Francis "But let’s open our eyes to the world: the whole world is at war!” and says a Pope's ministry is for Life

#BreakingNews Catholic Priest and Woman Charged for Silent Prayer in the United Kingdom Found Not-Guilty by the Crown

Pope Francis says "...those who approach the sacred text, can come encounter with God through Jesus Christ." to United Bible Societies FULL TEXT

Holy Mass Online : Thursday, February 16, 2023 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church

Saint February 16 : St. Onesimus : Martyr and Former Slave to Philemon who was Converted by St. Paul

Registration for the 2024 US Catholic National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis Opens with an Expected 80,000 Participants!

Saintly Martyred Family (including their Unborn child) of 9 on the Way to Canonization as Beatification Date is Announced

As the Death Toll Rises Past 41,000 in the Earthquake of Turkey and Syria - Pope Francis Sends his Almoner with Crates of Donations

Pope Francis says "Every Christian activity, especially the mission, begins from" the encounter with Jesus