Catholic #Quote to SHARE "Anyone who goes to Mary and prays the Rosary cannot be touched by Satan."

#Republican Dr. Ben Carson tells Americans We can talk about God! #Ccot

#BreakingNews Priest Killed in #Nigeria RIP Claretian Missionary Fr. Dennis Osuagwu

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Today's Mass Readings and Video : Mon. August 17, 2015

Saint August 17 : St. Hyacinth : #Dominican : Patron of #Poland

#PopeFrancis " Communion is assimilation: eating Him, we become Him." at #Angelus - FULL TEXT/VIDEO

Sunday Mass Online : Sunday August 16, 2015 - 20th Ord. Time

Saint August 16 : St. Stephen of Hungary

#Euthanasia debate with Archbishop Fisher and Prof. Peter Singer at #Sydney TownHall - Full Video/Text

#PopeFrancis "we are destined to share the glory of our Mother because, thanks to God, we too believe..." Angelus on Assumption

Novena to Our Lady : Official for #Assumption Feast - Plenary #Indulgence - SHARE

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Sat. August 15, 2015 - #Assumption of Mary to Heaven

Feast August 15 : Assumption of Mary into Heaven : #Solemnity