Wow 5 Things to SHARE about the 1st American Thanksgiving - #Thanksgiving to SHARE

#PopeFrancis "...the mystery of the love of God was not revealed to the wise and the intelligent, but to the little ones.." #Audience FULL TEXT

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Wed. November 23, 2016

Saint November 23 : St. Clement I : #Pope : Patron of #Boatmen, #Sailors, sick children, stonecutters

Saint November 23 : St. Columban : Abbot of #Ireland

Saint November 23 : Blessed Miguel Pro - Viva Christo Rey - Martyr for Christ the King

#PopeFrancis ‘Lord I have many sins but I have tried to be faithful.’ #Homily

"Not My President," - Oh, the egalitarian HYPOCRISY! #trcot

#PopeFrancis New Apostolic Letter "Mercy and Misery" FULL TEXT