Saint September 1 : St. Giles : Patron of #BreastCancer , #Beggars and #Disabled

#PopeFrancis sends Prayers and Special Message to Hurricane Harvey Victims - FULL TEXT -

Quote to SHARE by Saint Augustine "If you Believe what you Like in the Gospels, and Reject what you don't like, it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself."

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Wow Princess Diana's Great Uncle soon to be Canonized a Catholic Saint - Father Ignatius Spencer of the Passionists

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Saint August 31 : St. Raymond Nonnatus : Patron of #Pregnant, #Midwives and #Newborns

Wow Young Woman goes from NASA Engineer to Convent - God's creation inspires her to become a Sister!

#PopeFrancis "God wants us to be able to dream like Him and with Him, as we walk very carefully through reality." Audience + FULL Video on Creation

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#BreakingNews Death Toll from Hurricane Harvey at 30 with more Rain to come...Please PRAY

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Saint August 30 : St. Jeanne Jugan : Founder of #LittleSisters of the Poor

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