Saint October 18 : St. Luke - Evangelist - Patron of Artists

#PopeFrancis "..let us look on the Lord who is always at the door,” he knocks and waits." #Homily

#BreakingNews Apparitions of Mary to Catholic and Hindu Children in Kerala, India draws Flocks to Church

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#BreakingNews Callista Gingrich confirmed New US Ambassador to Vatican - Senate approved

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Tuesday October 17, 2017 - #Eucharist

Saint October 17 : St. Ignatius of #Antioch : Patron of Throat diseases

#PopeFrancis "To love means not continuing to divide the human family into those who more than they need..." FULL TEXT + Video

#Consecration to the #SacredHeart of Jesus - #1stFriday Promises and Instructions - Prayers - Share!