Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Saturday, June 24, 2023 in Your Virtual Church - Solemnity of the Birth of Saint John the Baptist

Saint June 24 : Birth of St. John the Baptist the Cousin of Jesus and Patron Saint of Baptism , Epilepsy and Motorways

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Pope Francis Sends Touching Video Message to Dying Girl who Wrote a Letter to him Wishing to Attend World Youth Day

Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors Launches a Global Consultation on updated Guidelines to Prevent Abuse

Pope Francis says "the artist can thus be said to share in God’s own passion for creation...You are sharers in God’s dream!" to 200 Artists in the Sistine Chapel

New Religious Freedom Report Reveals 62% of People Not Free to Practice or Express their Religion

Pope Francis Assures Youth "The doctor told me I can go, I can't wait" in New Video Message for World Youth Day - #WYD

Vatican Girl Emanuela Orlandi Case Evidence sent to Civil Authorities in Rome

Saint June 23 : St. Joseph Cafasso a Seminary Teacher of St. John Bosco who Ministered to Criminals Condemned to Death

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Friday, June 23, 2023 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church

Saint June 23 : St. Etheldreda of Ely a Queen then Nun - Twice Married but Remained a Virgin - Patron Saint of Widows and Sore Throat or Necks

Pope Francis' Representative Cardinal Konrad Krajewski Sent to Ukraine with Medicines on his 6th Mission

10 Things to Know about Saintly Mother Mary Lange whom Pope Francis Declared Venerable - Founder of the 1st African American Nuns!

Pope Francis Unable to Read his Speech during Meeting with Oriental Churches Due to Difficulty Breathing after Surgery

#BreakingNews Another Catholic Priest Set Free after Kidnapping and 16 Baptist Christians Regain Freedom in Nigeria - Prayers Answered!

Pope Francis Brings 5 Saintly People Closer to Canonization and Recognizes the Martyrdom of 20 People Killed in Spain

Pope Francis says "To take up this challenge, do not be afraid to cultivate in you and around you the "triple love" that..." FULL TEXT to Religious