US Bishops' Head Archbishop Broglio says "We are anxious to see peace return....where our Lord walked and we join the Bishop of Rome in his earnest appeal for dialogue..." at USCCB Assembly FULL TEXT

US Bishops' Pro-Life Chairman Bishop Burbidge "the Catholic Church cannot condone procedures such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) that result in a loss of life at a massive scale."

US Bishops' President Responds to Military's New Abortion Policy "I deplore this decision that once more removes the right to life for the defenseless..." FULL TEXT

US Bishops' President Arbishop Broglio's Statement on Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day "Each of us can and must work for justice and peace, remembering Rev. King’s call..." FULL TEXT

US Bishops' Conference Urges Christians to Unite to Pray for Peace during Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - USCCB Statement

US Bishops’ Pro-Life Chairman Rejects Distortion of Pregnant Workers’ Protection Law

US Bishops' on Persecution in Nicaragua "call on the United States Government and the entire international community to continue to work for the release of Bishop Alvarez, and for a restoration of peace..." FULL TEXT

US Bishops' President Archbishop Broglio's Statement "It is inhumane to provide fully taxpayer-funded abortion (which itself can increase mental health risks) as a so-called solution to pregnancy..." on Senate Vote

Catholic Bishops Release North American Final Document to Conclude Continental Stage of the 2021-2024 Synod

National Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children - Remembering over 60 Million Babies Killed in Abortion - #ProLife

US Bishops' Release March for Life Schedule for 5 Pro-Life Events that will be Live-Streamed

US Bishops Call for Conscience Protection for those "who uphold the sanctity of traditional marriage" and are "gravely disappointed that the misnamed Respect for Marriage Act passed the Senate" FULL TEXT

US Bishops' Chairmen Implore Congress to Reverse Course on Harmful “Respect for Marriage Act”

US Bishops' Recap of Key Issues Covered in their Fall General Assembly - USCCB

US Bishops’ Chairman on “Respect for Marriage Act” says “The Catholic Church will always uphold the unique meaning of marriage as a lifelong, exclusive union of one man and one woman."

US Bishops Elect 6 New Key Committee Chairmen for the USCCB during Assembly - FULL Day 2 Video

President of US Bishops Opens Assembly Saying "So, let’s open the doors in all our churches, and let’s invite our people back, to come and see how much Jesus loves them." FULL TEXT