Pope Francis says "Renewing the personal encounter with Jesus every day is the heart of the Christian life." to 25,000 World Youth Day Volunteers - FULL TEXT

Wow 800,000 Join Pope Francis at the Way of the Cross during World Youth Day "...Jesus walks with the Cross, he dies on the Cross, so that our soul can smile." FULL TEXT + Video

Touching Double Meeting of Pope Francis with 106 Year Old Maria born on the Day of the Fatima Apparition and Dying Teen Edna who was not Expected to make it to World Youth Day! - VIDEO

Wow Pope Francis Hears Confessions of Youth at World Youth Day in Confessionals Made by Prisoners!

#BreakingNews Hundreds of Thousands of Youth Welcome Pope Francis during the World Youth Day Opening Ceremony! VIDEO

World Youth Day 2023 Begins in Lisbon, Portugal with the Opening Mass with Patriarch Manuel Clemente - FULL TEXT Homily + Video

Pope Francis Sends a Special Message to 400,000 Youth Already Registered for World Youth Day

Pope Francis Registers for World Youth Day - Inviting You to do the Same and Announces Special Prayer for Peace at the Colosseum