Saint October 26 : St. Evaristus : #Pope : Died 107

#PopeFrancis " I want to recommend the prayer of the Holy penetrate more profoundly the mystery of Christ working in your life; love the Rosary,"

#BreakingNews Catholic Religious Sister Raped and Brutally Killed while Praying at Shrine - RIP Sr. Ruvadiki Kamundiya - age 49

Saint October 25 : St. Antônio de Sant’Anna Galvão (1739-1822) : #Founder

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Wed. October 25, 2017 - #Eucharist

RIP Fr. Marino Rigon - a Catholic Missionary Priest for 60 years in Banglasdesh - dies at 92

Saint October 25 : St. Boniface I : #Pope

Saint October 25 : St. Crispin and St. Crispianus : Martyrs : Patrons of #Shoemakers

Saint October 25 : St. Gaudentius of Brescia, Italy : Bishop

#PopeFrancis Jesus "He loved me and gave himself for me." #Homily

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#BreakingNews Catholic Priest Killed in Kenya- RIP Fr. Evans Oduor - Please Pray

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Saint October 24 : St. Anthony Mary Claret : Patron of Weavers, Savings, and Publishers

Ark Quest - Archeologists and Researchers find possible parts of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat