Pope Francis says " I invite you to pray for peace, for which the world longs so much and which, today more than ever, is endangered in many places. It is not the responsibility of a few, but of the entire human family..."

Pope Francis says "Please let their cry for peace be heard: the cry of the people, who are tired of violence and want the war to stop" and "renewed support from the international community is needed”

Pope Francis at 1st Angelus Since his Surgery says "God is not distant, he is a Father, he knows you and he loves you" and Prays for Peace - FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis says "Jesus tells us, “I want you free and alive, I will not abandon you and I am with you!" FULL TEXT from the Vatican + Video

Pope Francis says "Let us read a passage from the Bible every day...Jesus speaks to us there" and Asks All to Pray for Myanmar - FULL TEXT

Pope Francis says "Advent is a time when, instead of thinking about gifts for us, we can give words and gestures of consolation to those who are wounded, as Jesus..." FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis says for Advent "God is near and is coming. Let us never forget this! The Lord always comes, the Lord visits us...and will return at the end of time to welcome us in his embrace." FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis says "Let’s roll our sleeves and continue to pray for peace!" - "Right now, we are living a famine of peace: we are living a famine of peace." FULL TEXT Angelus