Saint December 20 : St. Dominic of Silos whom the Founder of the Dominicans was named after and Patron of against rabies; captives; pregnant women; prisoners; shepherds

At Mass, Pope Francis says “In these days before Christmas, we praise the Lord for the gratuitousness of salvation..for everything He gives us for free." Homily

Christmas Novena : Day 3 : Official version with Plenary Indulgence - Powerful Prayers to Prepare for Christmas!

Pope Francis meets with 33 recently arrived Refugees and Unveils Cross saying "...every person, whose life and dignity are precious in the eyes of God." Full Text

Wow Powerful Christmas Commercial shows why we Need to visit Parents during the Holidays to Share! #ViralVideo

Pope Francis tells Ambassadors ".. as Christians...prepare to celebrate the birth of ...the Prince of Peace. In fact, peace is the aspiration of the entire human family."

In Christmas Message of Bishop Georges Khazen, Apostolic Vicar in Syria he wishes Christmas "...also becomes an opportunity for inner conversion..."

RIP Archbishop Emeritus André Gaumond of the Archdiocese of Sherbrooke, Québec - Death at the age of 82

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Thursday, December 19, 2019 - #Eucharist in Advent

Saint December 19 : Blessed Urban V : Pope who Died in 1370 in Avignon, France

Novena for Christmas : Day 2 : Official with Plenary Indulgence - Powerful #Prayers to Share!

Pope Francis says "Bring the Gospel to the places where you live: in homes, schools, workplaces...and if life is reborn, it's really Christmas." Full Text

BREAKING Tens of Thousands at March for Life in Costa Rica as Pro-Lifers gather from all Religions and age groups - Video