Holy Mass Online : Sunday, January 22, 2023- #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church - Sunday of the Word of God

What is Sunday of the Word of God? 5 Things to KNOW and SHARE - Sunday of the Word of God Explained

Saint January 22 : Blessed Laura Vicuña of Chile who Died Offering her Life to Jesus for her Mother's Conversion

Saint January 22 : St. Vincent Pallotti a Priest Devoted to Our Lady and the Poor who Founded the Pallottines

Pope Francis says "Do not be afraid to walk it too, to the end, going against the tide and sharing Jesus, communicating the faith..." FULL TEXT to College Students

Catholic Bishops of Brazil Pro-Life Message to Government "The Church...calls for all to unite in the defense and protection of life in all its stages." FULL TEXT

Pope Francis says "...Jesus, with the strength of God’s love, transformed evil into goodness...Jesus made this mystery tangible in the Eucharist..." FULL TEXT to Injured Vets

Powerful Prayers to St. Agnes with Novena to Saint Agnes the Patron of Engaged Couples, Gardeners, Rape Victims, Virgins, and Chastity

WATCH Re-Play of March for Life Vigil Mass - Massive Crowd with Bishop Burbidge who said "The secret of Christian living is love" + Full Text Homily

Holy Mass Online : Saturday, January 21, 2023- #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church

Saint January 21 : St. Agnes a Virgin who is Among the Women Mentioned in the Roman Canon of the Mass

Pope Francis Sends a Special Message to 400,000 Youth Already Registered for World Youth Day