Saint July 8 : St. Priscilla and St. Aquila the Friends of St. Paul and Co-workers in Christ

Vatican Releases List of Participants for the Synod on Synodality that were Approved by Pope Francis

Sound of Freedom Movie #1 in the Box Office on the Weekend Grossing Over $14 Million and Stars Jim Caviezal

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Saint July 7 : Saint Benedict XI a Dominican Pope who Died in 1304

Pope Francis will Visit Fatima in Portugal to Pray for Peace in Ukraine, and the Entire World

Finding Purity Difficult? Powerful Prayers to St Maria Goretti to Help! Plus Modesty Pledge and Novena to Saint Maria Goretti

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Saint July 6 : St. Maria Goretti a Young Martyr for Purity the Patron Saint of Teen Girls and Crime Victims with Special Prayer

#BreakingNews a Group of Catholic Nuns Temporarily Abducted and Expelled by Nicaragua's Government

Catholic Patriarch Pizzaballa Condemns Israel's Attack on Jenin which caused Deaths and Damaged a Church - PICTURES

VIDEO Pope Francis meets Privately with Bill Clinton at the Vatican

LISTEN to a Heavenly Eucharistic "Ave Verum" by Convert William Byrd on his 400th Anniversary and Sung by VOCES8

3 Ways for Young and Old to Gain a Plenary Indulgence on Grandparents and Elderly Day - Pope Francis' Official Decree Released by Vatican

Pope Francis Establishes New Commission of New Martyrs from 2000 to Tell their Stories of Faith

Novena to Saint Antony Maria Zaccaria - Powerful Prayer to the Founder of the Barnabites and Patron Saint of Physicians

Holy Mass Online - Wednesday, July 5, 2023 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Catholic Church

Saint July 5 : St. Antonio Maria Zaccaria who was Devoted to Charity and the Founder of Barnabites or Clerks Regular of St. Paul

WATCH a Free Christian Movie : Francis of Assisi - Stars Dolores Hart - #StFrancis

#BreakingNews Burglary and Vandalism at Ancient Catholic Church in Germany with Over $40,000 in Damages

Vatican Dicastery Collaborates with a University and Releases a Free Handbook on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Powerful Prayers to Blessed Pier Frassati - Novena to Pier Giorgio Frassati - A Special Helper of Youth with Litany

New Head of the Vatican's DDF Explains his 30 Year Old Book about Kissing was Inspired by a Fathers of the Church Quote

Powerful Prayer for Peace to Saint Elizabeth of Portugal - Novena to St Elizabeth of Portugal a Great Queen and Peacemaker!

Saint July 4 : Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati the Patron Saint of World Youth Day and University Students - #WYD

2 Catholic Pastoral Workers Attacked in Colombia which is Condemned by the UN and Bishops' Conference

#BreakingNews Inter-American Court Orders Nicaragua to Release Bishop Rolando José Alvarez Lagos Immediately

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