Pope Francis Leaves Hungary with a Farewell Ceremony and Receives a Unique Homemade Gift from the President Katalin Novák before Parting

Pope Francis Warns of "a future dominated by technology" but says "with a humble heart, we can climb not only the mountain of the Lord, but also scale the heights of science.”

Pope Francis at Mass with 50,000 says "Jesus the Good Shepherd calls us by name and cares for us with infinitely tender love." FULL TEXT + Video in Hungary

Pope Francis Asks Our Lady, "Queen of Peace, instill in the hearts of peoples and their leaders the desire to build peace....not war, a future full of cradles not tombs..." FULL TEXT in Hungary

Pope Francis Visits the Byzantine Rite Greek- Catholic Church in Hungary - Listens to the Beautiful Choir and Imparts a Blessing - VIDEO

Wow Pope Francis Tells 11,000 Youth - Jesus "is always" by "your side" and "prayer is dialogue with Jesus, just as Mass is an encounter with him, and Confession is the embrace"

Pope Francis says "...a lesson for the whole Church: it is not enough to provide bread to fill stomachs; we need to fill people’s hearts! - "with the love of Jesus" at Meet with Poor and Refugees

Touching Moments as Pope Francis Visits with Disabled Children in Hungary at the Blessed László Batthyány-Strattmann Catholic Social Institution - VIDEO

Pope Francis Tells Religious "...offer the Holy People of God the face of the Father and create a family spirit..." but Warns of "Gossip" and "Soft Paganism" in Hungary FULL TEXT

Vatican Releases Updated Schedule of Pope Francis' Trip to Hungary and Statistics of the Catholic Population in the Country