FULL TEXT - Pope Francis says "...we want to be mindful of the sufferings of all those women and men with disabilities who live in the midst of war...." for International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for December "We pray that volunteer non-profit organizations committed to human development find people dedicated to the common good..." VIDEO

Pope Francis Highlights Theology of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at Ratzinger Prize Award Ceremony with 1st Jewish Recipient - VIDEO

Pope Francis says for Advent "God is near and is coming. Let us never forget this! The Lord always comes, the Lord visits us...and will return at the end of time to welcome us in his embrace." FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis says "Peace is the responsibility of one and all...if we commit ourselves to sowing peace with our daily actions...The world also needs us consecrated as artisans of peace!"

Pope Francis' Letter to People Ukraine after 9 Months of War "Your pain is my pain. In the cross of Jesus today I see you, you who suffer the terror unleashed by this aggression."

Pope Francis Tells Theologians "I believe that perhaps it would be important to increase the number of women...because they think differently from men and make theology something deeper..." FULL TEXT

Pope Francis' Homily "Here is our King, King of each of us, King of the universe..." and he Recommends the Daily Prayer - "Jesus, remember me." FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis says "Let’s roll our sleeves and continue to pray for peace!" - "Right now, we are living a famine of peace: we are living a famine of peace." FULL TEXT Angelus

VIDEO - Pope Francis Visits his Cousins in Piedmont, Italy - A Sweet Moment with the Pope's Family!

Pope Francis says "The spiritual life is the relationship with the Living One, with God, the Living One..." and Makes Appeal for Peace in Ukraine - FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis says"They are small gestures but they are seeds, they are seeds of peace, they are capable of changing the world..." to Soccer Match for Peace

Pope Francis' Homily "Let us light candles of hope in the midst of darkness. Amid dramatic situations, let us seize opportunities to bear witness to the Gospel of joy..." on World Day of the Poor - FULL TEXT

Pope Francis says "Let us always remain close to our brothers and sisters in martyred Ukraine. Close in prayer and with concrete solidarity. Peace is possible!" FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis Offers 3 Points on Communication Saying "Communication is, so to speak, the craftsmanship of bonds, within which the voice of God resounds..." FULL TEXT

2 Former Vatican Employees are Suing the Vatican for $9.5 Million

Pope Francis Outlines "...the importance of turning to Jesus every day, kneeling and in his presence learning from Him who is meek and humble of heart..." to Seminarian Trainers

Pope Francis with King Abdullah bin Al Hussein of Jordan at the Vatican Discussing "the need to protect and encourage the Christian presence in the Middle East" - VIDEO

Pope Francis says Peace "Bridges are built starting from there, from prayer of intercession: day by day, knocking insistently at the heart of Christ..."

Pope Francis says "Don’t forget this. Dialogue is “the oxygen of peace” FULL TEXT + Video at the Vatican General Audience