Saint November 11 : St. Martin of Tours, Former Soldier who Became a Bishop and the Patron of the Poor, Alcoholics, Beggars and Wine makers

Wow US Diocese Releases Video of Man Claiming Miracle Hospital Cure and Visit by Bl. Solanus Casey - FULL TEXT

US Bishops Release Annual Report Showing Increased Protection and Outreach to Victims

1st Wednesday Devotion St Joseph Prayer + 10 Promises for Honoring the Heart of St Joseph from Church Approved Apparition

Pope Francis Reveals Key Prayer to the Holy Spirit and says "...learn to invoke the Holy Spirit more often!" FULL TEXT + Video

Quote to SHARE by St. Leo the Great “Our sharing in the Body and Blood of Christ has no other purpose than to transform us into that which we receive.”

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Wednesday, November 10, 2021 - Eucharist In Your Virtual Church

Saint November 10 : St. Leo the Great a Pope who Prevented an Attack by Attila the Hun and a Doctor of the Church

#BreakingNews Government in Ethiopia Arrests 17 Priests, Religious and Workers of Salesian Catholic Order who Help the Poor

Over 25 Young Children Killed by Fire at School in Niger

Pope Francis sends Telegram to Prime Minister of Iraq after Attack on his Home in Baghdad

7 New Saints to be Canonized Including Charles de Foucauld and Indian Hindu Convert after Pope Francis' Authorization

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Monday, November 9, 2021 - Eucharist In Your Virtual Church

Feast Day November 9 : Saint John Lateran : the Basilica dedicated to St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist

Saint November 8 : Four Crowned Martyrs : Romans condemned to death as Christians

Litany for the Poor Souls in Purgatory - Powerful Prayer for the Souls of Your Loved Ones who have Died - VIDEO

Bishops of France "...recognized our institutional responsibility and decided to embark on a path of recognition and reparation opening for victims the possibility of mediation and compensation..." after Assemby

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Monday, November 8, 2021 - Eucharist In Your Virtual Church

Saint November 8 : St. Elizabeth of the Trinity a Carmelite who “wanted to give her life and to return a little of His great love.”

Quote to SHARE by St. Mother Teresa "No color, no religion, no nationality should come between us, we are all children of God"

Pope Francis explains "The Lord always, in the face of people's generosity, goes further, he is more generous." FULL TEXT + Video

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Sunday, November 7, 2021 - Eucharist In Your Virtual Church

Saint November 7 : St. Willibrord a Bishop and Patron of Convulsions; Epilepsy; Netherlands

Free Movie - There Be Dragons - Life of St. Josemaria Escriva - #OpusDei Founder

Clocks Go Back 1 Hour in most of North America Nov. 7 at 2am - Remind your Friends - with a Funny Video to Share!

Pope Francis Inaugurates New Vatican Library Exhibit saying "Jesus speaks of the beauty of his disciples: he challenges them to shine, to make visible the beauty of their works as a form of praise to God"

LISTEN to a Soul Stirring "Pie Jesu" Sung in the Requiem of Composer Gabriel Fauré as a Beautiful Prayer for the Dead

Vatican Finance Trial to Continue on November 17th after Video Evidence is Found Incomplete

Pope Francis says "Jesus has always been recognised in the character of the Good Samaritan...He feels compassion...for the wounds of us all." FULL TEXT

Quote to SHARE by St. Augustine "One of the holiest works, one of the best exercises of piety that we can practice in this world is to offer sacrifices, alms, and prayer for the dead."

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : 1st Saturday, November 6, 2021 - Eucharist In Your Virtual Church

Saint November 6 : St. Leonard the Patron of Political prisoners, Prisoners, Women in Labor, and Horses

#BreakingNews Catholic News World VIDEO Episode - Former Baseball Star Ordained, Nun in High Vatican Role, USCCB Against Funding Abortion + More!