Saint August 20 : St. Bernard of Clairvaux Founder of Cistercians at Clairvaux and Patron of Climbers , Beekeepers and Candlemakers

Cardinal Marc Ouellet Releases Statement Denying any Inappropriate Behavior as Alleged by Former Pastoral Worker - FULL TEXT

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Bishops' Conferences in Brazil and Costa Rica Voice their Solidarity with the Persecuted Church in Nicaragua

Pope Francis' Message for Friendship Meeting "...we believe that Christ shed his blood for each and every one, and therefore no one remains outside his universal love for him." FULL TEXT

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2 Bishops Join United Farm Workers in 355 Mile March for the Governor's Signature in California

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Pope Francis Gave 100,000 Euros to 400 Families in Sri Lanka Affected by Easter Church Bombings which Killed 269 People

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Saint August 19 : St. John Eudes a Promoter of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who Died in 1680

Catholic Organization and Archdiocese Support Victims in Uvalde as the New School Year Begins

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#BreakingNews Pope Francis Decides Not to Open a Canonical Investigation into Allegations Against Cardinal Ouellet after a Preliminary Investigation by a Jesuit Priest Finds Insufficient Grounds

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